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"Elaine has been an absolute pleasure to work with - her dedication, professionalism, attention to detail and sense of urgency is unlike many. She opens a strong line of communication and always offers positive, helpful suggestions on how we can further our success or achieve our company goals. Elaine carries a wealth of knowledge in a variety of areas and has been an incredible teacher with respect to Sustainability. Elaine is definitely one of a kind and commonly considered to be a fantastic addition to our team!"


~ Christine Wachnik,

General Manager at HC TISS Inc.


"Elaine is an exacting and precise individual... would recommend her to any employer that is looking for someone that will work hard to make a difference."


~ Michael Albanese,

President at H2FLOW

"Elaine was phenomenal to work with, possessing a pool of talent. She is an intelligent, focused and skilled leader, driven by passion for positive change. I'm continuously amazed by her dedication, organization, and excellent communication."


~ Azkaa Rahman,

Associate at Waterlution



"Having Elaine as an assistant coordinator for one of the largest events at the club, it was great to know that I not only had a helping hand, but that it was also a hand that ensured the event was environmentally responsible. Her passion and dedication in her respective field is undeniable and contagious, and ever-helpful in guaranteeing the organization and social responsibility of events."


~ Olivia Ho,

Photographer at the Toronto Camera Club


"Elaine Ho was one of the coordinators for an excursion I did from February 16 to 28, 2012 in Kenya. Part of this trip was to spend few days in a Maasai village. I must say that Elaine was a wonderful partner, a very good communicator, really involved with the village people and our small group. She has a gift to make everybody feel at home and respected. She is a hard-working, ingenious, creative young woman! I would trust her to plan an other excursion!"


~ Claudette Gravel,

Safari Participant with Socially Responsible Safaris



"[Elaine] is highly motivated, well organized, and has strong leadership skills. She worked independently to design, develop and manage an outstanding environmental youth engagement program. Elaine is smart, reliable, has a passion for environmental change, and is a pleasure to work with."


~ Nadine Raynolds,

Founder of the Redfish School of Change

"Elaine was a wonderful leader during the Youth Engagement Program in the York Weston Region. I learned so much and received a lot of encouragement and mentorship from her program. I definitely believe that her leadership skills and passion for youth and the environment will allow her to do incredible things for the world. She is hard working and has a great amount of knowledge and experience that she is willing to pass along to a new generation of environmentally conscious youth."


~ Elaisha Green,

Participant in the York-Weston Youth Engagement Program