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TRIECO maintains what we call the 3E mandate of research and practice, which means we strive to consider the economy, environment, and society (read on for why this is considered an "E").  Our name and mandate stem from the Greek origin of three words: economia, ecologia, and oikogenia (pronounced "ecogienia").


"Economia", or economy, describes all aspects of society that relates to financial matters - in particular the economy as a whole and financial systems within industries and businesses.


"Ecologia", or ecology (environment), refers to the natural world and its biophysical systems - particularly biological relationships, including human-nature, human-human, and nature-nature.


"Oikogenia/Ecogienia" is the Greek word for family (the root of the word is "oikos", pronounced 'ecos').  In a narrow context, it refers to the family unit of an individual or individuals.  However, the same word is the base of a much broader context - societal units or society as a whole; our global, human family.  In this respect, this 'eco' goes beyond looking at only society and social structures; it refers to humany itself, and all the social systems that  come with it.


As we are founded on the three 'eco' pillars - 3E or "Tri Eco", we strive to implement these considerations into everything we do.  We believe in making 3E-sustainability inherent to everyday planning and operations across industries and institutions.  Only by applying these three foundational concepts can we be truly successful today and in the future.

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