TRIECO is a young organization unbound by the rules of conventional consultancies.  Research is designed from inception to ensure your needs are met, and our dynamic, transdisciplinary people have experience liaising with stakeholders from many different demographics.  From non-profit work to small business, from multi-million dollar institutions to grassroots community groups, our people will work with you to achieve your goals.  


TRIECO thrives on the dissection and resolution of complex problems.

Elaine Ho

Through life-long learning and transdisciplinary approaches Elaine has collaborated with people and teams from diverse disciplines in a variety of industries to engage multiple levels of stakeholders, educate and build teams in regards to corporate sustainability initiatives (social and environmental sustainability).  Elaine is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and an Environment Professional In-Training (EPt).  She continues to be involved in various initiatives which she previously began in a remote Maasai community in Kenya, including a women's bead cooperative, school projects, microtourism and sustainability education.  This led to her current position on the Board of Directors at Osim Le Maa (Maa People's Initiative), also in Kenya.


Elaine is a member of several organizations, including the Project Management Institute (international and Southern Ontario), the Environmental Studies Association of Canada, Connecting Environmental Professionals, the Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series, and the Climate Reality Leadership Corps (trained by Al Gore in July 2015).  Currently, Elaine is a PhD student in the University of Waterloo's Social and Ecological Sustainability program in Integrated Water Management (an institution-wide collaborative program/specialization), based in the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability. 


Breadth of experience:

  • Past and present research projects: geoexchange commercialization, corporate sustainability programming, storm water management and watershed management (in particular, cumulative effects biomonitoring and communication of monitoring outcomes).

  • Portfolio: a number of workshops, presentations, events, consulting contracts, University-level lectures, non-profit organizations and small businesses - each designed, delivered, led, and/or coordinated by Elaine.  Industries she has worked in include construction, engineering, education, tourism, natural resource management, renewable energy.

  • Presentation experience: settings range from local organizations to international conferences.  

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