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Be sustainable

Be sustainable

Exceed stakeholder expectations, build resilience and thrive in a new economy.

Own the facts

Own the facts

Benefit from results-driven research designed to meet your needs.

Bridge the gap

Bridge the gap

Engage stakeholders and create cohesion in the midst of diversity.



Identify Barriers and Opportunities

Evaluate Programs

Monitoring and Follow-up

Baseline Research

Generating Solutions

Data Analysis

Information Synthesis

Feedback Surveys



Action Planning

Event Planning and Execution

Promotional Assistance


Workshops and Facilitation

Foundation Courses

Contract Work (Short and Long Term)



Stakeholder Research

Identification of Stakeholders 

Stakeholder Engagement

Facilitating Partnerships

Internal Engagement (Employees)

Outreach and Education

Conflict Resolution

Stop competing.  Start leading.
Your research and consulting team awaits your call.


TRIECO strives to turn complex problems into attainable goals.  Whether you need data synthesized, programs evaluated, opportunities identified or solutions assessed, we are here to help you on your journey to success and sustainability.  Read more about us and our people or view testimonials from various project types using the links below.


Located in the Waterloo Region, Ontario

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